Sunday, June 14, 2009

WW2 comics> Ben Steeple and the History of the War

The history of WW2 is so intriguing and full of possibilities as a theme for a comic book story, it isn't surprising that so many writers and artists have attempted the task of telling some of the large story. I have also been insired to create a war story. Ben Steeple is the story of a P-51 Mustang pilot who participated in the infamous bombing missions over Germany towards the end of the war when cities like Dresden were brought down and so much controversy arose over the decimation of so many people and buildings at a time when Allied victory was a certainty. Ben Steeple witnessed much of the destruction and developed a severe guilt complex and nervous condition because of what he saw and experienced as a participant.
What I have posted below is the an accompanying book which lays the history of the war out from three different perspectives. The action taking place on the battlefields, life in America during the war and life as a soldier in training and during the war. All three stories are layed out in strips stacked up and meant to be read one story at a time from left to right straight across the length of the book. I have presented it this way to obtain a degree of simultaneity as the three stories were happening at the same time during the war.


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