Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What is the KGB?

The KGB comic stories comprise the bizarre,
fruity and racey material that I feel is either
to abstract or inappropriate for most readers.
I would like to compile it all soon and self
publish a small book. Maybe I will include
short KGB episodes within the longer
Inbetween Days issues.
KGB stands for:
"Kicks, Gaiety and Benevolence".
This is a kind of creed or motto which I enjoy
thinking will bleed into the minds and spirits
of all those who read comics.
The Kicks: Fun, real immediate pleasure while
reading and creating.
The Gaiety: Passing that enjoyment on and
allowing the things you learn in the comic to
affect your whole life....a life of freedom and
unfettered delight.
The Benevolence: Doing good at all times.
This shouldn't have to be learned or preached.
We as a joined mass of humans must give and
respect, work hard and celebrate our earnings
by giving some of it away.
Do you have a motto or a creed or a cannon?
What is it? (Why don't you e-mail me about it.)


Blogger Earthwing Skateboards said...

Amazing work as always. Your mind is a machine gun, and your ink is the bullets.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Floating World said...

KGB is so fun to look at! I had a trilogy of concepts called Film, Tennis, Crown. When it all came true I stopped thinking about it so much.

6:46 PM  

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