Monday, June 04, 2007

New color comic Old Lion

Old Lion comic>> This is the first full color comic I have ever done. I love working in color.
For those of you who have ever worked straight away directly onto the page once the idea comes into the head, you will know what it is like, as the pace of working is satisfying in it's quickness. The originals are quite small also. Color is not great for self publishers, as it costs much more than black and white to reproduce.

Inbetween Days work>>These pages were done years ago, as the third version of the story. When I finished it, there were things about it that seemed wrong at the time; now looking back, I wish I had gone on further with it. I intend to post all of the newest version. There are 62 pages, so perhaps they will be really small thumbnails which can be blown up.



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thats my favourite kind of toons!!

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