Thursday, August 10, 2006

Inbetween Days>>August 2006

In 1998, after graduating from college, I rode a Grayhound bus to Colorado where a good friend was living in a box apartment near capitol hill in Denver. We spoke, ate, hiked and did snow sports. To pay for the mountain passes I took a small job at a good mexican joint. I cashiered and delivered food on a mountain bike in the snow. I made friends with two Native American girls. They were the first I knew and thus far the last I knew.
In addition to walking, sitting around reading, meeting people and going on long drives into the high, wide, dusky terrain of the Rocky Mountain landscape, I wrote and drew some ideas for a comic book. The name "Inbetween Days" accompanied the work. There was a cork covered book which I filled with a rambling story idea about a kid named Fraspin and his friends. Most of that writing never left the book, but I became really excited at the prospect of writing and illustrating a large work. The idea of working for long stretches and always coming back to the same cast and landscapes which are always changing, being built upon and forming into a reality on the pages is an appealing pursuit. I kept some of the names and rough visions. This year, after many changes and many, many pencil and ink lines, I completed the first 62 page book in the story called "Inbetween Days".
This simple internet page is a place where I will post images, writings and information about the project.